Our Work

Our work inspires results.


We help our clients in four key areas



We use storytelling and design to clarify and infuse your strategy with human purpose and meaning.



We help leaders find a unified voice to engage others in your strategy.



We channel your organization’s talent, resources and culture to implement the strategy.



We create compelling employee engagement campaigns to reinforce and keep momentum behind your strategy.


We get results

Our unique blend of business acumen, design thinking and expertise in human behavior helps our clients do amazing things. Get in touch to learn more.


Mobilized employees to close a $1.5 million (5%) revenue gap in 1 month


Inspired an organization to achieve 88% employee engagement though a difficult merger


Increased speed to market, developing a new product in 1/3 of the standard cycle time


Launched a new business strategy with 97% of employees saying they can confidently explain it


Created a dynamic ideation process that generated programs with $2 million in immediate cost savings


  • Strategy Muse enables our small organization to create programs on par with any Fortune 100 company. They make it possible to simplify the complex and move quickly from strategy to execution – and have fun working together along the way.
    — Bill Brennan, EVP Employee Engagement & Development, Dairy Management Inc.

  • Strategy Muse is helping us humanize IT and express our work in ways that connect with people on a more personal level. Together, we’re inspiring the organization to see IT through a new lens.
    — Jazz Tobaccowalla, Vice President & Chief Information Officer, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals

  • They are master connectors. They bring together brand, strategy and culture in really interesting ways that drive performance. Strategy Muse is the real deal.
    — Rose Gailey, Partner & Global Lead - Culture Shaping, Heidrick Consulting